Winter Field Day 2020: Event Recap

Well, Winter Field day was a success! We had a good a good turn out of more than 20 and we had good food. The weather was awesome. We made some contacts, played with some pretty cool radios and Andy made some awesome antennas.


Our next event is Winter Field Day. For those who aren’t HAMs or just aren’t familiar, we have field day once a year in June which is an opportunity to get on the radio and make contacts with people all over the world. A few years back a group decided to start a winter field day as well so now we do it twice a year. We have many members who aren’t HAMs, but all are welcome. If you just want to come and watch and socialize that is fine. If you are interested in trying out using a radio someone will sit down with you and let you make contact with someone. This event is for everyone, members and non-members, HAMs and non-HAMs. There will be some food and drink and several radios to play with. For HAMs, feel free to bring your own equipment if you like, but you certainly aren’t obligated to do so.

For more information about field day, go to:

We will meet Jan 25th at 3 Mile Canyon at the park on the river which is apparently known as Quesna County Park. A map and directions follow. We will set up at 7AM, we will likely be on the air by 9AM, and the official Field Day Event begins at 11AM. Feel free to show up anytime throughout the day.