A measure can be voted on until 5PM the day after it is posted, unless it is posted after 5PM. If it is posted after 5PM it is available until 5PM the third day. A measure is always available for at least 24 hours.

If there is a measure to be voted on, it will be below:

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Previous Online Votes

Vote #Vote TopicDateFinal VotePass/Fail
2021090102New Member Emily Moehlmann9/15/20219Y0NP
2021090101New Member Michael Bruno9/15/20219Y0NP
2021090101Cookout with W7NEO9/1/20217Y0N
B2021072103Measure to make Lynn Wilson an Honorary Member 6/21/2021 5Y0N P
B2021072102Measure to pay the IRS $2506/21/20215Y5NP
B2021072101Measure to have a float in the fair parade6/21/20212Y2N1AF
B2021061801Measure to approve Bank of Eastern Oregon as our bank.6/19/20216Y0NP
20200202New Member: Roberta Vandehey2/15/20209Y0NP
20200201Approve modified Charter2/9/202011Y0NP
B20200105Approve January Board Meeting Minutes2/3/20204Y0NP
20200104Approve January Regular Meeting Minutes1/30/202012Y0NP
B20200103Board: New Board Member Scott Ezell1/27/20206Y0NP
B20200102New Meeting Schedule1/21/20206Y0NP
20200101New Member: Scott Ezell1/16/202014Y0NP
20191203New Member: Grant Morris12/22/201913Y0NP
20191202New Member: Brenda Griffin12/21/201913Y0NP
20191201New Member: Eric Ramirez12/14/20199Y0NP
20191104Set standard meeting location to Harkenrider Center in Hermiston11/26/20199Y0NP
20191103New Member: Shayne McCartney11/26/20199Y0NP
20191102New Member: David Richards 11/26/20199Y0NP
20191101New Member: Carl Bugus 11/19/2019 8Y0N P