The History of Ready Alliance

The history of Ready Alliance is pretty easy to trace back, as it is so young. In 2015 one of our founding members, Will, was beginning research on creating a “prepper” club. Previously being a member of several organizations such as HAM clubs, ARES, and Zombie Squad, Will wanted to see something regional that would give people an outlet for fellowship, the sharing of knowledge and communications & preparedness. The real inspiration was Zombie Squad, a group of preppers out of St. Louis who focused on communications and included everyone in their group who was willing. The idea was tabled though after the birth of a child and a cross country move.

In 2018 Will moved to the Hermiston area and met Joey another one of the founding members. Joey, who was also a HAM was interested in prepping and although in many ways they were opposites, they became good friends. They discussed creating a prepper club and decided they would do more research and talk to others to see if there was an interest.

Around the same time of meeting Joey, Will met Bill, another founding member. In early 2019 Bill and Will started getting interested in Yaesu System Fusion radios. They discovered there were other HAMs in the area who also were and started having small barbecues to get together and learn the functionality of the equipment and anything else that might come with it. Another of the founding members, Mike was already big into the Fusion radios and joined in the fun. The three; Bill, Mike, and Will started buying repeaters to put up in a joint venture.

Will and Joey were also friends with Andy and Dennis who enjoyed the preparedness aspects as well as communications. All of these six founding members enjoyed getting together for food and all kinds of radio and prepping fun. They were all members of many local organizations, but they all saw the need for one more.

It was decided that a group would be created which wouldn’t be a HAM radio club. The area had HAM radio clubs and that need was met, they wanted a club which would allow them to practice the communications skills in Amateur Radio, but also GMRS, Private Land Mobile Communications and any other communications. They wanted to create something that would allow them to prepare for disasters and unfortunate events, but also not get the negative reputation that some preppers had by being anti-government. They wanted to get together and share their skills with each other and others in the community while learning new skills. Most importantly they wanted a group where they could have fun and fellowship involving their whole families. The goal was to create this new group, without detracting from any existing group, club or organization. It was also decided that while they would work with any group hand-in-hand who wished to do so, there would be no affiliations with other groups. There would be no taking over this group by any other group or government for any reason. Independence and Liberty were important principles to all the founding members. The level of patriotism in this group was definitely about as high as it could be.

They knew their group was an alliance of like minded individuals. An alliance of people that wanted to be prepared for the worst, but in a lighthearted fun way, without some of the constraints that come with the other organizations they were members of. The idea of a “rebel alliance” was toyed with. It was a fun theory, but not only did it signify some of what they didn’t want to be known for, it was also trademarked. The first name that was developed and agreed upon was the Continuity of Civilization Alliance. The name signified what they wanted to do, continue civilization at all costs. The goal wasn’t just to survive a disaster, but to do so in a civilized way. Our society has built on itself for thousands of years, it would be so sad to see it wiped out by something so simple, especially if people weren’t prepared.

After a couple of months it was obvious that not only was the name to confusing, but also some restructuring needed to be done. Goals had evolved. A new name was decided upon. The organization would become the Ready Alliance. It was there all along. The Federal Government created new ways to prepare for disaster after the events of September 11th, 2001, the website they produced to help the public prepare was READY.GOV. It seemed so obvious after the fact. It was also obvious at this time that the group was going to be very community oriented. The goal was also to help educate the public at large. This meant more money would be needed and it was logical to become a nonprofit in order to be eligible for grants and accept tax deductible donations. The Charter was overhauled to comply with non-profit laws and reduce liability and the organization came to be.

The group values the principles that the founding fathers of this nation valued, including individual liberties, independence from tyranny and a collective vision for progress.They also adhere to the Radio Amateur’s Code to be considerate, loyal, progressive, friendly, balanced and patriotic. All officers take an oath to the club charter as well as the United States Constitution and their respective state constitution.

In late 2019 the Board of Directors of Ready Alliance voted to become an Oregon Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation under the laws of the state of Oregon and apply for 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity status with the IRS. The Organization began this process in January of 2020 and is officially an Oregon Nonprofit Corporation now.