Roosevelt Install

On October 26th, 2019 a group of our members assisted the Weston Mountain Digital Radio Association in putting up their second Digital Only Yaesu System Fusion Repeater at Roosevelt, Washington.

This repeater effectively doubled the digital voice coverage of their system and is one of the repeater systems our group uses for non-emergency chit-chat and just fun conversation.

Unfortunately doesn’t allow linking to a lookup, but for more information about the Weston Mountain Digital Radio Association and their polcies you can look up W7NEO on

Repeater Information:

Call: W7NEO
Frequency: 145.190
Offset: Negative 0.600 Hz
Modulation: C4FM Yaesu System Fusion (Digital Only)
DG ID: None

Elevation: 2029 ft
Antenna Height: 40 ft

This is one of the niceset repeater installations I’ve seen and our group was honored to take part in it.