Ready Alliance Net Control Schedule

If you are a member and would like a turn at being net control, the list is made quarterly and we would welcome you to give it a try. All HAMs are welcome to check into our nets.

1/22/2020Andy Jones (W7ATJ)
1/29/2020Bill Quick (KI7PRU)
2/5/2020Will Studer (N7WSY)
2/12/2020Dennis McKenry (KI7CUS)
2/19/2020Bill Quick (KI7PRU)
2/26/2020Andy Jones (W7ATJ)
3/4/2020Bill Quick (KI7PRU)
3/11/2020Will Studer (N7WSY)
3/25/2020Dennis McKenry (KI7CUS)
4/1/2020Andy Jones (W7ATJ)
4/8/2020Bill Quick (KI7PRU)
4/15/2020Will Studer (N7WSY)
4/22/2020Dennis McKenry (KI7CUS)
4/29/2020Andy Jones (W7ATJ)
5/6/2020Bill Quick (KI7PRU)
5/13/2020Will Studer (N7WSY)
5/27/2020Dennis McKenry (KI7CUS)
6/3/2020Andy Jones (W7ATJ)
6/10/2020Bill Quick (KI7PRU)
6/17/2020Will Studer (N7WSY)
6/24/2020Dennis McKenry (KI7CUS)