Ready Alliance Amateur Radio Nets

The Ready Alliance Amateur Radio Nets are held on Wednesday nights. At this point we are holding two back to back. We welcome all licensed amateurs to check in. We also welcome those who are interested in joining our group to check in and find out what we are about. We have discussions about disaster preparedness.

Snowboard Net

Time: 7:00PM

Repeater Location: Wheeler Co, Oregon (KI7DEL)

Frequency: 146.6800MHz

Offset Direction & Frequency:  Negative 0.600MHz

Tone: 162.2Hz 

Southern Washington Net

Time: 7:30PM

LocationFrequencyOffset Direction & FrequencyTone
Jump off Joe, Benton Co, WA (N7LZM)145.410MHzNegative 0.6MHz100Hz
Hertzer Peak, Walla Walla Co, WA (AL1Q)146.960MHzNegative 0.6MHz74.4Hz
Whites Pass, Yakima Co, WA (KD7LZN)442.475MHzPositive 5MHz210.7Hz