November 2019 Regular Meeting Minutes

Regular Membership Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2019

Call to order: The regular monthly meeting of the Ready Alliance was held on November 17, 2019 at Joey Powell’s home in Boardman, OR. The meeting convened at 3:22 PM Pacific Time. Meeting was presided over by Mike Gemelke, Acting President.

Members in attendance: Mike Gemelke, Acting President; Bill Quick, Acting Vice President; Will Studer, Acting Secretary; Andy Jones; Dennis McKenry; Joey Powell; Dennis Wall; Jim Carlson; Carl Burgus; Sandy Powell; and Heather Studer.

Guests in attendance: David Richards

Old Business:

  • Minutes from Nov. 1 Board of Directors meeting summarized by Will

New Business:

  • 6 meter net

Plans are underway for a 6m net, but we first must check communications. The following people have 6m capabilities:
Dennis W.
Dennis M.

  • Weekly VHF HAM Net

The net will begin this week. Everyone agreed after some discussion that we will have it on the snowboard repeater.

  • Winter Party

The party is the 1st from 2pm to 6pm at my house 676 E Oregon Ave. in Hermiston, OR.

You don’t need to bring anything, however it is encouraged that everyone to invite a friend who might be interested in our group. The purpose of this party is to chat and introduce others to our group.

  • Winter Dinner

After discussion of when other events are being held in December by other organizations it was decided that the winter dinner would be held on December 21st. Will will call around to the following to find out who can host us:
Ye Ole Pizza Shop
Rae’s Dayz

This event will be our December Regular Meeting

  • Election of Board & Officers

Volunteers were as follows:

      • Joey Powell – President
      • Andy Jones – Vice President
      • Will Studer – Secretary
      • Bill Quick – Member-at-Large

Dennis McKenry agreed to run as a write-in for member-at-large since ballots had already been printed. Instructions on filling out ballots were given and ballots handed out. Ballots were read aloud by Bill Quick and recorded by Will Studer. Results are as follows:

      • Joey Powell – President 11/11 Votes
      • Andy Jones – Vice President 10/11 Votes
      • Bill Quick – Vice President 1/11 Votes
      • Will Studer – Secretary 11/11 Votes
      • Bill Quick – Member-at-large 10/11 Votes
      • Dennis McKenry – Member-at-large 10/11 Votes
      • Dennis Wall – Member-at-large 1/11 Votes
      • One vote for Member-at-large was deemed illegible or for a non-member

Adjournment: The Business portion of the meeting was adjourned at 4:13 PM

Event: A special event was held for this meeting. The event was a bonfire hosted by Joey and his family. A demonstration was given by Dennis McKenry on how to make “char-cloth”. A pot luck was held along with a weenie roast. Members left on their own schedules. Many stayed to chat around the fire. We took our first group photo as all members were present.