Mission Statement

The primary mission of Ready Alliance is to educate the public and our members about disaster preparedness and what to do in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Our goal is to facilitate the exchange of information among persons interested in Disaster Preparedness, Radio Communications, Knowledge Sharing, Self-Reliance, and the advancement of our community.

We have a respect for our environment and the plants and animals we share it with. We pledge to leave things better for our fellow man and our children. We pledge to learn as much from our surroundings and the natural world as possible. As with everything we do, this is not a political statement in any way, but merely a responsible one.

We also pledge to be a group of non-violence. This is not intended to be a political statement, but we believe that through knowledge the desire for violence is extinguished. We will encourage the use of other means for resolution of problems.

We promote Disaster Preparedness and Radio Communications through public service, and operate for charitable, educational and scientific purposes, as follows:

  1. To provide any services to the community which the organization has the ability and fits into our mission.
  2. To create a community forum for discussing ideas on all topics relating to organization business, technology, emergency preparedness, radio communications and/or self-reliance.
  3. To educate both members and the community on disaster preparedness best practices as well as foster an environment for the development of new methodology.
  4. To encourage and educate on the topic of self-reliance while also creating a network of like-minded individuals who can rely on each other during a disaster.
  5. To, in coordination with whatever authorities are appropriate, create disaster plans for ourselves, our families, and our community for any and every scenario which can be prepared for.
  6. Our group is a community resource. We are in no way a militia. We do not tolerate anarchist or anti-government ideology. Our goal is to assist the government and the public any time there is a need.
  7. To promote civic duty among members and create and participate in opportunities to help the community at large.
  8. To educate and increase the proficiency of individuals in the current state of the science of radio and communications.
    8.1. To foster education and training of current members so that they are more capable of operating and maintaining radio and other communications equipment during periods of emergency.
    8.2. To foster education and training in Amateur Radio and Federal Communications Commission licensing requirements for a Radio license.
    8.3. To educate the community about the importance of radio communications in a disaster or other civil emergency.
    8.4. To utilize all radio communications available to us as well as train others on the appropriate use of and FCC licensing of such. Services we utilize include but are not limited to, the Amateur Service (which is our primary), the General Mobile Radio Service, The Family Radio Service, and the Citizens Band Service as well as the privately
    licensed Land Mobile Radio Service.
    8.5. To promote and help develop new digital and other modes which are developing and adapting daily.
  9. To sponsor and encourage experimental activities in radio and other communications toward the development of new knowledge in the field, and to disseminate this and other information concerning new advancements in the field.
  10. To promote the elevation of standards of practice and ethics in the conduct of Amateur Radio communications.

Our members pledge to be considerate, loyal, progressive, friendly, balanced, and patriotic.