May 2021 Cookout & Regular Meeting Minutes

Regular Membership Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2021

Call to order: The regular bi-monthly meeting of the Ready Alliance was held on May 1, 2021 at Will’s House in Hermiston, OR. The meeting convened at 1:35 PM Pacific Time. The meeting was called to order by Bill Quick, President and turned over to Will Studer, Secretary to lead.

Members in attendance: Former President, Mike Gemelke; President; Bill Quick; Vice President, Becky Burgus; Secretary, Will Studer; Carl Burgus; Dennis McKenry; Riley Eades, Tiffany Eades, and Heather Studer.

Guests in attendance: Lynn Wilson, Emily Moehlmann, Michael Bruno, and Karen Timmons.

Welcoming of our guest and introductions were done.

Election of 2021 Officers

With the hiatus of the group during the pandemic, Will asked unanimous consent to reelect the current slate of officers. Hearing no objections the measure passed.

Business Specifically for the Annual Meeting

  • The board is down a member. Discussion was had over electing or the board appointing someone, both of which are permissible under the charter for the circumstance. There were no volunteers, but Riley was nominated. We will revisit this in the next board meeting.
  • Committees
    • No suggestions were made for new committees
  • Events – Discussion was had about the events we would like to hold or participate in for the year. Suggestions were as follows:
    • Floats in Parades
    • Booth at the Fairs
    • Disaster Preparedness Day
    • Car Show Booth
    • CERT Training
    • Fall Campout
    • Barbecues
    • First Aid/CPR Training
  • Financial Priorities – It required that we set the years financial priorities at the Annual Meeting
    • Get Bank Account
    • Get Insurance
    • Donations

Old Business:

  • Report from the Repeater Committee (Will)
    • WMDRA now has a cabbage hill site and is the custodian of the 146.88 Repeater
    • A couple of other repeaters are in the works with W7NEO that will be digital and in the system, but are still in the confidential status.
  • Report from Events Committee
    • Nothing new to report
    • Ideas for fundraising:
      • Jeopardy tournament
      • Bugout bag sales
      • Group Yard Sale
      • Gofundme
  • Recruitment
    • Each member has the challenge of bringing in two additional members.
    • We have lost two members this year.
    • Becky will work on the facebook aspect with Will.

New Business:

  • GMRS Discussion
    • Radios available to purchase from Will
    • Repeaters will be put up in the future.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2:32 PM