January 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2020

Call to order: A Board of Directors meeting of the Ready Alliance was held on January 10, 2020 at the Pheasant Restaurant in Hermiston, OR. The meeting convened at 6:35 PM Pacific Time, as officers were not elected for the new group, all previous officers from the Continuity of Civilization Alliance assumed their previous roles in the new alliance until elections can be held. Meeting was presided over by Mike Gemelke, Acting President.

Members in attendance: Mike Gemelke, Acting President; Bill Quick, Acting Vice President; Will Studer, Acting Secretary; Andy Jones; Dennis McKenry


  • President-Elect Resignation


    • Joey Powell resigned both from the board and the club as a whole for personal reasons.
    • ORS 65.321 governs board resignations, it was properly tendered to the secretary via the google group and is irrevocable.
    • We must have a replacement ASAP since the president is to take office along with other officers at the January Regular Meeting.
    • It was discussed that the charter permits us to fill the vacancy, but it would be more appropriate to have a special election at the beginning of the January Regular Meeting.
    • Volunteers will be requested via the google group.
    • Andy volunteers as a candidate.

Old Business:  

  • Nonprofit


    • We are now an Oregon Nonprofit
    • Will went ahead and paid the state fees and got our Articles of Incorporation filed with the state.
    • Will got us an EIN with the IRS for banking purposes.
    • We will still need to finish the IRS paperwork to be officially designated as a 501(c)(3)


  • Events Update


    • Winter Field Day

Andy is planning everything out. Joey is still assisting. It will be January 25th from 7AM to 5PM.

New Business:  

  • Agenda for Annual Meeting next week (Jan 15th)


    • Full meeting agenda distributed and posted online
    • There will be a lot of ceremony and boring discussion as there are many things we are required to do by law and charter.


  • Committees


    • Will asked Eric if he would be interested in being on the repeater committee. Since he will be our tower climber, he would be an appropriate addition. The new president when elected can decide on whether to add him at the annual meeting.
    • There is a vacancy on the Events Committee.
  • Events Ideas for 2020
    • Floats in local parades
    • Fair Booths
    • Disaster Prep Day
    • Simplex Testing
    • CERT Training
    • Spring Campout
    • Field Day
    • First Aid & CPR Training


  • Financial Priorities


    • Finish nonprofit
    • Bank Account
    • Donations
    • Grants
    • Insurance


  • Amendments to Charter


    • Will proposed an amendment for the charter which would require the board to always have an odd number of members. The board agrees this is a good idea and requests it be put forward in writing for voting at the annual meeting.


  • Membership Dues


    • Dues were waived last year.
    • Will suggested we waive them again for 2020.
    • Mike reminded the group that we have financial needs and can’t waive dues forever.

Motion: Motion was made by Will to go ahead with waiving dues for 2020. Seconded by Bill.

Motion carried unanimously by voice vote


  • Policy on Google Groups


    • The Google Groups for both the Board and Regular Membership are used to vote on matters, and therefore it is inappropriate for any nonmembers to be a member thereof.
    • It has always been the unofficial policy that nonmembers could not be part of the google groups, but it wasn’t until recently with a member leaving that it was realized that it could be an issue.

Unanimous Consent: Will asked unanimous consent that this policy be made official.

With no objections the proposal was adopted.


  • WB7ILL Control Operator


    • Will is the Trustee and therefore the control operator for the club call.
    • Will is authorizing all board members to be control operators of the club call sign.


  • Insurance


    • Will checked on insurance, the cost for liability through the ARRL (through their preferred supplier) is $200 yearly, the cost for equipment is $1.40 per $100 of coverage.

Adjournment: The Meeting was adjourned at 7:58 PM