December 2019 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

December 15, 2019

Call to order: A Board of Directors meeting of the Ready Alliance was held on December 11, 2019 at the home of Will Studer, Secretary in Hermiston, OR. The meeting convened at 3:35 PM Pacific Time. Meeting was called to order by Mike Gemelke, Acting President. After calling the meeting to order it was turned over to Will Studer, Acting Secretary.

Members in attendance: Mike Gemelke, Acting President; Bill Quick, Acting Vice President; Will Studer, Acting Secretary; Andy Jones; Dennis McKenry; Joey Powell

Old Business:

  • Minutes from the November Board Meeting
    • Previously distributed via Google Group Online

Motion: Moved by Bill that we accept the previous minutes as presented. Seconded by Joey.

Motion carried by unanimous voice vote.

  • Repeater Committee Report given
    • Must have internet access to use Google Sheets. Script was distributed just for information.
    • Will is making a schedule for 2020 for net control. They will be done quarterly.
    • Nets will not be held when there is a holiday on the night of a net or the day before or after.
    • Will is going to get an MOU in place with repeater owners for our nets.
    • Once the paperwork is in place we will add a net on Jump Off Joe 145.410.
    • The new net schedule will be every Wednesday other than club meeting nights. The snowboard net will be moved to 7PM and the new Jump Off Joe net will be at 7:30PM.
    • The goal is for authorization to be given to use Jump Off Joe linked to the Walla Walla repeater. This would give us access to both Tri-cities and Walla Walla areas for our nets.Explanation of how Nets will be done was given.
  • Land Mobile Radio (Private) Repeater Update:
    • Location found. We have been given preliminary approval by Craig Coleman to place a repeater on his water tower at Ordinance. The Elevation is 606ft and the tower is 125ft. The site already is being used by Verizon and a wireless internet provider.
    • Will explained rules and coordination process and fees.
      • Application is FCC Form 601, it is 129 pages.
      • Paid frequency coordination is required by the FCC.
      • offers coordination for a repeater for $550 and an additional simplex channel is $140. They were selected due to the fact that they sell Kenwood and Icom NXDN equipment and that is what we have.
      • An LMR License is for a location or locations, for a set number of radios and repeaters at specified output power. The frequencies would be licensed solely to our organization within our geographic area. No other individual or organization would be permitted to use those frequencies in the specified geographic area. It doesn’t work like HAM or GMRS licensing does.
      • Any person Ready Alliance authorizes to operate under our license may use that frequency. No individual licenses are required.
    • Lynn Wilson is going to donate 150 feet of RG-214 Coax for our Ordinance project.
    • Other site locations update:
      • Carney Butte: Never Called Back
      • Black Mountain: In Progress
      • Wheeler County: In Progress
    • We are now capable of tuning our own duplexers through training and equipment purchase.
    • Will was appointed chair of the repeater committee by President Gemelke.
  • Events Committee Report
    • Winter Dinner coming up on the 21st of December
    • Winter Field Day
      • Planning is in progress
      • Andy will be making antennas
      • Information will be distributed after December 21st
      • Winter Field Day is January 25th and will be held at 3 Mile Canyon
      • We will post an invitation on Facebook

Motion: Moved by Will that the board authorize the events committee to create events, so long as there is a minimum of 2 weeks notice given and no financial appropriations must be made. Seconded by Joey.

Motion carried by unanimous voice vote.

    • Andy was appointed chair of the events committee by President Gemelke.
    • President Gemelke ordered that the events committee will now be a permanent standing committee.

New Business:

  • Regular Meeting Location & Time
    • It was discussed and agreed that as long as the senior center is available our new meeting day and time for Regular Monthly Meetings will be the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7PM.
      • If we are holding an event for the meeting which can’t be done at the senior center we will announce that location no less than 2 weeks before a meeting.
    • The new location for the Regular Monthly Meetings had already been set for the Harkenrider Senior Center in Hermiston
      • Will and Bill will get the paperwork handled and verify that the day and time of the month works and see if we can reserve several months in advance.
  • Board Meeting Locations & Time
    • It was discussed and decided that since our board meetings aren’t open meetings that we would continue to float the time to fit the schedule of each member.
    • There will always be a board meeting prior to a business meeting.
    • The location will change every month so that it is hosted in one of the towns for each board member. At present that is Boardman, Hermiston, Irrigon/Umatilla, and Stanfield. Mike waived having meetings in Stanfield as he is the only resident and there is no suitable meeting place.

Board Oath of Office

The following oath of office was presented for use, it was adopted from congress:

“I, [your name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Charter and Bylaws of this Organization, the Constitution of the United States and the State in which I reside against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.”

Motion: Moved by Mike that we accept the Oath of Office as presented. Seconded by Joey.

Motion carried by unanimous voice vote.

  • Annual Meeting in January
    • The Annual Meeting will be held January 15
    • This meeting will begin by being presided over by the 2019 President (Mike)
    • As always, we will begin with Old Business.
    • Between Old Business and New Business the previous (2019) president will swear in all members of the board
    • The previous (2019) president will then pass the gavel to the new (2020) president which symbolizes the transfer of power. Then the new (2020) president will swear in the previous (2019) president as the immediate Past President who is also a member of the board. At this time, the new (2020) president will assume his duties and carry on the meeting.
    • At this point will will move forward to New Business.

It is important to remind everyone that the new location is technically on school grounds. No Alcohol, Tobacco, or Firearms (including concealed) are permitted on the property. The firearms part is state law so it is important to not break that rule or you can be charged with a crime.

  • Press Releases
    • Press Releases will be issued by the secretary after approval from the board.
    • Press releases will be published on the club site, all club mailing lists, all club social media, and submitted to local news outlets.
    • A general release will be issued at the beginning of the new year for the club in preparation for our annual meeting.
  • Policy for Inclement Weather
  • If the weather is bad, meetings will be canceled.
  • The secretary shall be charged with contacting board members to get a decision.
  • At least 2 board members must authorize the cancellation.
  • If a cancellation is to be made, it will be announced on the website, on any repeater which the club officially uses for nets and through the Google Groups email list.