The Ready Alliance is a group of local folks who have created an alliance/organization and now Oregon Nonprofit Corporation to share common goals. We care about disaster preparedness, communications, serving our Community, and having fun with training and research in those areas as well as sharing that information with others.

Our goal is to educate the public on disaster preparedness.

We are based out of North Central Oregon. We got our start in the Hermiston-Boardman area and have since expanded out. We try to plan events for different areas such as camp outs and other outdoor activities. We strive to include all members in everything we do.

If you are interested in joining us click HERE.

Our Regular Bi-Monthly Meetings are every other third Wednesday at 7:00PM at the Harkenrider Center in Hermiston. Click HERE for directions.

This means we meet for business in January, March, May, July, September, and November. During the off months we try to have a fun event such as a camp-out, barbecue or other outing.

One of the big things we are all about is having fun with the skills and toys we have. We love Yaesu Digital Fusion (C4FM) and Wires-X. We have been having a good time with these radios and putting up repeaters for them, but radios are just one aspect of who we are and an FCC license and/or radio knowledge are not required to join us.

Recent Posts

On the Lighter Side

There are two things that are common among HAM radio folks, a love for felines and a love for aviation. If you stop and think about HAMs you know I bet you will find that to be true in at least a few cases. So this MEOW seems appropriate…

Our First Group Photo

Above is our first group photo. We have grown a fair amount since then and always are, but we are happy with our little group.

The Ready Alliance is many things, some might say it is easier to tell you what we are not.

We are NOT any type of militia or anti-government organization. We are quite the opposite and we do not allow those sentiments in our organization. Each member, despite their politics, supports the government of the Untied States as well as state and local jurisdictions and cares greatly about those governments missions to protect its citizens and assist them during a disaster.

We are not an amateur radio club. While radio communications are one of the most integral parts of who we are, you don’t have to be a HAM or any other license holder. There are other clubs and organizations who cater solely to amateur radio and we in no way want to detract from them. We utilize many types of radio communications and have many HAMs who are members, we also encourage everyone to get a HAM license, but it’s not a requirement.

We are not “preppers”. This term has been associated recently with some “unsavory” types, so we have chosen not to use it. We prepare for disasters, if that is your definition of a prepper then okay, but otherwise likely not. We do like to do wilderness survival training as well as ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and SAR (Search and Rescue) type training.

We are not part of or sponsored by the government. While we 100% support the mission of our government agencies and would assist with most any disaster or anything that fits inside our mission, we are not affiliated with a government agency. We are 100% autonomous.